Aims and activities of “The Policy Studies Forum”

The Aims

The aims of “The Policy Studies Forum” are to contribute to the realization of a better society by carrying out investigations, research, analyses and planning, and providing advice, recommendations, and information concerning policy studies.

The Activities

In order to achieve the above-mentioned aims, “The Policy Studies Forum” will carry out the following activities:

  1. Plan and hold seminars, symposia, conferences, lectures, workshops and study meetings
  2. Produce books and electronic publications
  3. Investigate, research, analyze, give advice, produce drafts, make recommendations and provide information about national and local public organizations, international organizations and various public organizations concerning domestic and foreign policies and measures
  4. Disseminate knowledge about “Policy Studies”
  5. Carry out other activities necessary to achieve the aims of the Forum
  6. Carry out activities incidental or related to the various activities listed above