Greetings from the President

“Policy Studies” is the academic field that carries out comprehensive studies on policy.
Here, policy refers to the human activity of trying to realize a better society. Therefore, “Policy Studies” investigates human activities that can change the existing society into a better society.
In that case, what kind of society is a “better” society? The answer is different according to each person. For example, a “better society” may be different for young and elderly people, urban and rural people, rich and poor, healthy and sick people. Furthermore, by considering not only the dichotomy but also people in the middle, a “better society” will become more diverse.
By utilizing my expertise in researching “Policy Studies” over a quarter of a century, and working together with “The Policy Studies Forum” board members and other people concerned with policy studies, I would like to try to offer solutions to the problems that arise when people with different ideas in modern society attempt to create a better society.

March 1, 2019
Akira Yokoyama