Everyday Policy Studies No. en22

Index Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) 03

 My previous essay reviews the process from insurance design to pilot implementation. In this essay I will start reviewing how we study insurance uptake and impacts.
 Mude et al. (2009) proposes to study insurance uptake and impacts and we designed and implemented a baseline household survey in September 2009 before an insurance company started selling the insurance in January 2010. The number of sample households is 924 and they are located in 16 sublocations in Marsabit County in northern Kenya. Initially we had a research grant only for the baseline survey but we obtained several grants subsequently and could have annual follow up survey five times.
 The baseline survey in 2009 was new experience for me. Before that, I have been studying the data which were designed and collected by someone else. This was my first time to design and implement a survey. This was my first fieldwork as well. I have travelled in rural areas in developing countries but the length of each trip is less than two weeks and the purpose is to satisfy my curiosity rather than research or work. I remember I was very excited to go to Marsabit for the survey after a year of office work in Nairobi.
 We piloted the insurance in Borena Zone in southern Ethiopia as well. Borena Zone and Marsabit County are sharing the border and my colleagues had known the area from their previous research project. In Borena Zone, the baseline household survey was in March 2012 and the initial insurance sale was in August 2012. 515 sample households are located in 17 study areas. We could have annual follow up survey three times. Ikegami and Sheahan (2017, 2018) explains more details of each survey and the data are publicly available at http://data.ilri.org/portal/dataset/ibli-marsabit-r1 and http://data.ilri.org/portal/dataset/ibli-borena-r1.
 In my next essay, I will review how to measure the impacts of insurance using the data. Our main tool was insurance premium discount coupon.

Ikegami, M. and M. Sheahan (2017) “Index Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) Marsabit Household Survey Codebook” http://data.ilri.org/portal/dataset/ibli-marsabit-r1
Ikegami, M. and M. Sheahan (2018) “Index Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) Borena Household Survey Codebook” http://data.ilri.org/portal/dataset/ibli-borena-r1
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(Author: Munenobu Ikegami)